Samplers Plate of Native American Literature –Parallel Books

Bad River Boys - Viginia Driving Hawk Sneve
Pair with DVD Two Worlds at Two-Medicine

I can’t have Bannock but the Beaver has a Dam – Bernelda Wheeler
Pair with true easy book on beavers
Strategies – Predicting & asking students what they notice in the illustrations (Alberta Bair)

Indian Shoes: Smith, Cynthia Leitich
Don't Forget the Pants - Reader's Theater

The Little Duck- Sikihpsis – Beth Cuthand
Pair with true easy book about ducks and or Wow! It’s Great Being a Duck -
Connections: Friendship; loneliness

Jingle Dancer – Cynthia Leitiech Smith
Shannon an Ojibay Dancer - Sandra King
Compare contrast main characters how they are the same how they are different
Connections: Stereotypes; bias; Essential Understandings

Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path – Joseph Bruchac
Connections – Note taking using Time line; Retelling
Another connection - using visual art lesson and stamp history - there are two stamps for Jim Thorpe (Smithsonian)

Sky Dancers – Connie Ann Kirk
Pair with Sky Boys: how they built the Empire State Building – Deborah Hopkinson
Strategies: What I wonder; double column note taking; Venn Diagram; text to text

Story of the Milky Way - Joseph Bruchac
Skytellers -
Stars We Know: Crow Indian Astronomy and Lifeways - Timothy McCleary

Squanto’s Journey – Joseph Bruchac
Pair with 1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving – Catherine O’Neil Grace (There is a DVD available)
Thanksgiving: A Native Perspective – Doris Seale
Strategies: KNW chart; reflection piece; I wonder

Pepere Played the Fiddle - Linda Ducharme
Connections - Music
American Indian Music: More Than Just Flutes and Drums (A Guide to American Indian Music) by Scott S. Prinzing, M.Ed
(OPI Publication Winter 2008) Some music and background info

Broken Flute – Doris Seale
Through Indian Eyes -
Rethinking Columbus -edited by Bill Bigelow and Bob Peterson
Roots and Branches – Dorthea Susag
CURE Analysis: Houghton Mifflin History/Social Science Series
How to tell the Difference: A guide for Evaluating Children’s books for Anti- Indian Bias – Beverly Slapin

Strategies: Revisit, Reflect, Retell - Linda Hoyt